hair care & advice

I've had a disaster with hair dye, it's come out darker than anticipated, can you correct it for me?

Without seeing your hair and it's condition, we are un able to tell you about the Colour Correction process. It is always best to come in to the salon for a consultation, where one of our qualified and experienced stylists, can discuss the best solution.

I have very dry hair. Is there anything I can do to help nourish it?

A stylist will always suggest a hair cut to remove the brittle, split ends. Although this is true, sometimes this isn't enough. We can provide you with several treatments that can help.

Our Deep Conditioning Treatment can restore lusture and strength. This process is carried out by the stylist applying a reconstructing conditioner onto the hair and placing you under a hair steamer. The heat and steam will help the product penetrate into the hair shaft and cuticles. Once the hair is rinsed, it will immediately feel smoother and healthier, finishing of with a blow dry as part of the service.

My hair is very damaged and frizzy. How can I make it easier to manage?

We provide the Keratin Treatment, commonly known as 'The Brazilian Blowdry'. This product, which contains amino acids, proteins and UV protection, is applied directly onto wet hair, blow dried and the cuticles then sealed with the straightening irons. After following the after care instructions given to you by your stylist, you will be left with lustrous, manageable, hydrated hair that is frizz free. Being formaldehyde and urea free, this treatment is safe to apply on to pregnant women and clients who have undergone chemotherapy.

I had Highlights done recently and the roots need to be done. How can I have this done without creating further damage to my hair?

Our stylists will carry out the process as though it is the usual Highlights procedure, without overlapping the dye onto previously coloured hair. This will ensure that the hair is not over processed with chemical products, not damaging the hair. The same procedure is performed during a Root Tint service.

I have long, limp hair that I'm bored of. What do you suggest?

Our qualified stylists can provide you with a pre-appointment consultation, where they can suggest a re-style (Wash, Cut and Blowdry), as well as a possibility of colour, highlights or lowlights, that will suit you and your needs.

I've been having blond highlights in my hair for quite a while and has become too light. What can I do to tone it down without going dark?

Our Colour Technician can apply a 'toner'onto your hair which can make the highlights slightly darker. Alternatively, while having your highlights re-done, we can apply an extra colour that's darker or closer to your natural colour (lowlights) in order for you to achieve a more natural look.